Cocaine – The Facts And Symptoms Of An Addiction

Cocaine has been seeing an upward trend in the past few years. With the rule of supply and demand, cocaine has become relatively cheap as of late. New studies though show that those who use cocaine are at a higher risk for HIV infection.


Overcoming the Challenges Associated with Workplace Injury

Workplace injuries can be a challenging time for both the victim and their family. Whilst there are numerous challenges associated with workplace injury, there are fortunately various avenues to help… Read more »

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USA, Russia, Japan

2015 Team Averages We are taking scores from every high-level domestic and international competition held in 2015 and averaging them. … 1. United States 242.571 2. Russia 231.931 3. Japan 225.460 4. China 223.539 5. Italy 223.379 6. GBR 223.268 7. Canada 221.278 8. France 218.416 Gymternet Romania is 14th based on scores so far … Continue reading USA, Russia, Japan

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Kenya’s Killer Brew – Angry Wives Take Drastic Measures

Kenya’s Killer Brew – Angry Wives Take Drastic Measures

Kenya has a new problem, and it’s a dangerous type of alcohol being brewed by the locals. It’s not just dangerous, it’s actually killing people, and not just in the ways normal commercial alcohol kills people. These people are dying from multiple health complications related to drinking it, mostly because of what’s in it that wouldn’t normally be there. Spicing it with extremely dangerous chemicals makes it cheaper and more effective, but that doesn’t come without dire consequences.

Just Shared: “The Cost Of Mental Illness” at Network Of Sobriety

In a lot of situations, mentally ill patients are usually living in ERs all over America. While the hospital does everything it can to find these individuals proper housing, there is such a limited availability that they frequently have to relocate them out of the state. There's more info At:

Find out what’s in Alex Turner and Josh Homme’s iPhone notes


Josh Homme has an excellent show on Beats 1 called ‘The Alligator Hour’ and this week’s edition featured part one of his interview with Arctic Monkey’s frontman, Alex Turner. The pair have history – Homme produced the Monkeys’ 2009 record ‘Humbug’ – and that makes for a great conversation. One of the most enjoyable moments was when they decided to read out a few of their iPhone notes. Homme fills his with odd and interesting words he encounters as well as idle thoughts including “The shivers…” and “Put glass in front of everything: Glass panther, glasshole…” Among Turner’s notes were…

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