Poor people today at least that is what I think. It was supposed to be in the high seventies. But when we arrived it was flat calm at the anchorage. The Eurodam and Noordam were floating on a mirror like sea which only moved gently on a very low residual swell from the winds of last few days. The sky was partly cloudy but much more sunny than cloudy. No wind, full sun, reflection from the white beach and the crystal clear sea……….. It was hot today. I suppose that is what you want from a beach call but directly coming from a relative cool Florida it was a bit of a shock. To make people realize this, the Cruise Director announced the more than beautiful weather; to use plenty sun block and to drink a lot of water. Hence the BLD steward at the gangway was doing a roaring trade in small size water bottles. With the Eurodam at anchor the Noordam stayed on the engines. The day before yesterday we did so because of the wrong wind direction and today because the Eurodam had the better anchorage, it being the more frequent caller. There is a 2nd anchorage as well but it gives even less space to range out the anchor and the chain than the premier anchorage and thus it is much easier just to remain drifting with the occasional adjustment when the ship got moved by the current. As the wind had died down completely the current had also reduced in velocity and the ship did not drift that much at all. A quiet and easy day for the navigators. With two ships in port, the tender service is a lot more hectic. Two days ago our ship was serviced completely by the two shore tenders. Now we had to share them with the Eurodam and that meant we had our own ships tenders running as well. A lot of extra traffic in the port of Half Moon Cay, requiring a lot of vigilance from the two security officers on the shore side. Apart from this […]