Southern Utah is loaded with state and national parks, a list that includes Zion, Arches, Canyonlands, Snow Canyon, and Bryce Canyon. All of these are known for, among other things, their beautiful rock formations. One of the most unique is also one of the area’s smallest, Goblin Valley, famous for its lollipop formations that resemble mushrooms, or goblin heads. If you remember, it’s where this idiot taught us what not to do when traveling through a state or national park.

At just under five square miles, Goblin Valley is just a blip on the radar when compared to nearby Arches (120 square miles) and Canyonlands (527 square miles). Despite its small size, there are an abundance of naturally formed caverns you can comfortably explore to lose the crowds. There are three established hiking trails, but “unofficial” trails are found all over the park, winding their way through the goblin heads and between the buttes.