from Ed Tait of the Winnipeg Free Press,

It was the Winnipeg Jets who first posed the question, scribbling a rallying cry on the whiteboard in their dressing room Wednesday morning:

‘Why Not Us?’

And it was the Anaheim Ducks who provided a resounding answer Wednesday night.

Why not the Jets? Because, simply put, the Ducks are better. They’re better up front and along the blue-line. They have more depth, more experience… more everything.

The Ducks snuffed out the last flicker of hope for the Jets’ 2014-15 season in front of another raucous whiteout house at the MTS Centre in a 5-2 victory that was absolutely, positively textbook playoff hockey.

Anaheim’s four-game sweep does two things:

1. It punches their ticket to the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, where they’ll face either the Calgary Flames or Vancouver Canucks. And;

2. It also means the Jets/Atlanta Thrashers remain the only NHL franchise without a playoff victory. They are now 0-8, including the New York Rangers sweep of Atlanta in 2007.