Another new port today and what a beauty. Safely tucked away in a deep bay, and with an entrance guarded by a large cone shaped island; making it almost impossible to see from the open sea. The words Safe harbor comes to mind. And very safe it is. Proven by the large Marina’s scattered throughout the bay. Including right where we docked. Some clever clog had the brilliant idea to create a marina and turn the sea or boundary wall into a cruise dock. The only disadvantage for the guests is, it is a fair distance from the town. But then things are never perfect. It is still before the sailing/vacation season starts and thus all (1000’s of them) the sailing boats are still alongside, which is a good thing for us as it means getting in and out of the bay is not fraught with challenges. I have railed in the past in my blogs about six pack navigators doing everything except what they are supposed to do. I do not know if the phrase six pack navigators is acceptable in Turkish Waters but we can also call them Ouzo –Mariners. Same result. Grey hairs for the Captain and the Navigators. We won’t have that problem today. What started out as a chilly morning turned into a glorious sunny day with just a nice touch of wind to keep the temperatures very pleasant. It looks like Turkey is making up for the cold weather in the Black Sea. I did not get ashore as I had a large fire drill to organize today and more trainings to give. My stay on the ship is coming to an end and we try to get all the wisdom dispensed packaged in as much ————- to remember and use—————— moments as possible. So we had a simulated fire in the Laundry, all crew assembling for roll call and we finally simulated a complete abandonment of the ship. What pleased me was that all crew were saved even those who had a (simulated) accident and could not get to their mustering stations. They […]