Few things will slow a traveler down faster than a painful fluid-filled blister. Sure, you can try to prevent getting one in the first place – there’s an entire website dedicated to deterring these pesky bubbles. But as soon as you have one, all the woulda/coulda/shoulda in the world won’t make it suck any less. Remember, heat, moisture and friction are not your friend.

We turned to Dr. Darren Delaney, aka The Flight Doc, on how to heal a blister fast. He boasts a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery and has worked in Emergency Rooms around the world.

The Flight Doc says the main problem with most blisters is pain relief. Blister pain can range from mildly annoying to brutally agonizing. In our experience, no blister is much fun. “Continual rubbing of the inflamed site is going to continue the pain and aggravation,” he says. “So the first principles treatment is as follows: