Holland America Line loves to communicate with cruisers, and social media continues to offer guests unparalleled access to sharing memories, photos, and feedback. Since its inception nearly a decade ago, Twitter has become a household name. However, despite the fact that the popular social media site has over 288 million active users, for many it remains an enigma. Currently the fastest growing demographic on Twitter is the 55-64 year-old bracket, and Holland America Line is here to de-mystify Twitter for anyone looking to get in on the fun! Whether you’re a casual tweeter who would like to learn more or a first-timer looking to join the conversation, read on for tips and tricks to master Twitter and share your love of cruising with the world. PICK A HANDLE If you’ve never used Twitter before then you can get started by signing up and choosing a handle. As mentioned in the Instagram 101 blog post, a handle is a nickname that is uniquely your own. Experts recommend using the same handle across platforms, so if you’ve got a catchy name on Instagram try to use it for Twitter too! FIND AND FOLLOW If you’re already on Twitter then you’re most likely following friends, and maybe some key news sources, but you might not know that Twitter can be an outstanding resource for travel tips, connecting with like-minded individuals and keeping up with your interests whatever they might be. For example, Holland America Line follows a host of cruise industry contemporaries, publications, bloggers and enthusiasts. In order to get the most valuable and enjoyable experience out of Twitter, follow a mixture of accounts — from your favorite comedian to hard news sites like the New York Times (@nytimes). To find fun personalities and publications just search in the toolbar based on your interests — i.e. “cruise” — and see what pops up! While you’re at, it don’t forget to follow Holland America Line at @HALCruises! THE BASICS You might think it’s tough to get much information from 140 characters … not true! With added links, photos and videos, tweets often read like […]