The Gorge. Those simple words bring countless memories for thousands of people across the world. From the overwhelming crowds of Bob Dylan to the raucous “human avalanche” at Pearl Jam and the emotional tribute to Dave Matthews Band co-founder, LeRoi Moore, the Gorge will forever have a place in music history.

The stories are unforgettable, the setting is breathtaking and the music is unparalleled. It’s the place that gave birth to the Sasquatch! Music Festival and the Dave Matthews Band labor day events. The Gorge has hosted millions of people — creating countless unforgettable experiences and moments. This Kickstarter campaign was launched to tell the story. The story of its past. The story of its present. The story that many of you reading this were — and are — a part of.

These filmmakers need your help getting this film the necessary funds for production. They started this project out of a love of The Gorge Amphitheater and the truly inspiring, impossible story of its creation. They self-funded the first several shoots, but in order to make the full film they need you — the fans of The Gorge, its employees, its musicians, its family — to make this film happen.