It won’t be long before Zaandam and Prinsendam return to cruising the incredible waters of Antarctica. A visit to the world’s most remote continent is a once-in-a-life journey for most, and Holland America Line ensures that every guests’ experience is as enriched and fulfilling as possible. To enhance a visit to Antarctica, Holland America Line had a special “Expedition Team” onboard both ships’ Antarctica cruises this year as part of the “On Location” onboard enrichment program. The teams, composed of world-renowned Antarctica experts, mingled with guests, gave history, geology and zoology presentations and scenic cruising commentary, hosted question-and-answer sessions and lead marine animal and bird watching encounters. Christopher J. Wilson, a member of Zaandam’s expedition team, blogged about his three cruises. Here are some highlights of his posts, and all of the photos in the post were taken by him during his voyages. Dec. 22, 2014 – Jan. 10, 2015 My third season with Holland America Line’s m/s Zaandam commenced with yet another quite excellent taste of the delights of the Antarctic and South American continents. Travelling to Antarctica is something so few have the privilege to avail of and yet once visited, it is never forgotten. How to convey the feelings experienced when visiting Antarctica defeats everyone – Yes one can share photographs and film, talk, discuss, ponder and pontificate, but the only real way is to experience oneself. Those visiting Antarctica are amazed by the shear awesome beauty of this austere and, as yet, un-spoilt continent. Thankfully with the Antarctic Treaty in place this continent is still owned by no-one, but shared by all. Most find that once visited the desire to return becomes a real passion. I strongly believe that the responsibility of those who visit Antarctica is to become true Ambassadors for the preservation of this, the last truly un-spoilt continent in this world of ours. On Monday 22nd December we joined the ship in Valparaiso – lots of birds feeding in the harbour including Peruvian Pelicans and Peruvian Boobies – an Inca Tern being a definite bonus. We sailed that evening – Sooty Shearwaters and […]